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Kayak Cruise - Robertson Millpond

October 5, 2019

Robertson Millpond Preserve in Wendell, NC is a surreal cypress swamp popular for relaxed, non-motorized boating. Marker buoys lay out a suggested course which typically takes about a hour to comfortably paddle, looping back to the launch site. You don’t need to own a kayak to enjoy this quiet cruise --they are available for rent at the site from Paddle Creek rentals and everything is included: kayak, life jacket(s), and paddle(s). You are recommended to reserve a solo ($20/hr) or tandem ($25/hr) kayak ahead of time.  Of course, you can bring your own equipment instead.

Follow this link to Paddle Creek's web page for more information then scroll down to reserve a kayak. (Be sure to specify the correct date and start time as given below.)

Try to arrive by 10:15 AM and remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, hat, wettable shoes/sandals, change of clothes, etc. You will want to take pictures, so keep your smartphone/camera in a waterproof pouch. Because many participants in the past have opted to enjoy the loop twice, the times here allow for two hours. After the trip, we can decide on lunch together.

If you are interested in participating in this cruise please send an email or call Jim Roman (330-208-2471) so we can look for you at the preserve.

More Information

For further information, contact:

Jim Roman

(330) 208‑2471