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Geodetic Marker Recovery Event

December 7, 2019

We are planning on having another group geodetic marker recovery event on Saturday, December 7 (rain date Dec. 8).   The geodetic marker recovery program is an important civic service activity that USPS/ABC members and squadrons do in support of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) which is a unit within NOAA.  Besides the fun of hunting for, locating, and reporting primary survey markers, credits are earned for markers located and even for ones that we cannot find.  This is a friendly USPS awards competition on all levels - individual, squadron, district, and national.  

Our first ABCR Geodetic event in 2018 focused on the NC State campus to downtown Raleigh.  Our second event earlier this year was more rural - near US 70 south and southeast of nearby Raleigh.  The Dec 7 event will focus on north Raleigh covering some primary road arteries including Six Forks Rd, Pinecrest Rd., Strickland Ave., and Wake Forest Rd / Falls of Neuse Rd.  Finding markers still intact along these routes will be somewhat more challenging as there has been much construction and widening of highways etc. over time, and it is likely that a fair number markers have been destroyed or buried.  Fortunately, there are at least 60 markers in the NGS database along those routes that were reported Good when last found and may be available for recovery.  There are also a few marks that have never been recovered.

This is a land based activity by car rather than an on-water activity.  If practical, we will try to have all participants meet at one central location at 10:00, and then we will spread out in multiple vehicles each on a different route for the recoveries.  Later around 2:00, we will join at a restaurant for lunch and discussion of our exciting finds.  More details will be provided later for those participating.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail Greg Shay by Nov 22.

For further information, contact:

Greg D. Shay

(919) 387‑9876