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Geodetic Marker Recovery Event

November 10, 2018

On Saturday, 10 Nov, from 1000-1230, the Raleigh Sail and Power Squadron is having a group Geodetic Marker Recovery (GMR) event that will include a get together for lunch at 1300 in the downtown Raleigh area (TBA).  The GMR activity will be conducted within the Raleigh beltline - mainly downtown Raleigh and on the NC State campus.  GMR is an important ABC/USPS civic service activity that we do in support of the National Geodetic Survey which is a unit within NOAA.  Besides the fun of hunting for and locating primary survey markers, credits from ABC/USPS are earned for markers located and even for ones that we cannot find.  This is a friendly awards competition with other squadrons on both the district and national level.  Ideally, we will have 2-4 individuals per vehicle for the recoveries.  Once the number of individuals and vehicles participating is known, your GMR leader will be setting up a game plan for the recoveries.  We will try to have at least one experienced GMR person per vehicle and the recommended equipment for recoveries.   Whether you are new to Geodetics or an experienced hunter, you are sure to enjoy this event.  For a comprehensive overview of the GMR program including how to prepare for, conduct, and report marker recoveries, please go to:  USPS Website / Members Login / Departments / Executive Department / Cooperative Charting Committee / Geodetic Seminar Part 1, 2, 3. Reviewing this information is recommended prior to participation.

Saturday, Nov 10, 10:00 AM
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2:30 PM
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For further information, contact:

Greg D. Shay

(919) 387‑9876