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This website will be shut down some time in 2021. America's Boating Club of Raleigh is transferring to a new website hosted by United States Power Squadrons. Please use the link below to access our new website.

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America's Boating Club® of Raleigh (ABC-Raleigh) is a non-profit organization of sail, power, and paddle boaters in the Raleigh, North Carolina area dedicated to promoting safe, enjoyable boating. It is one of about 350 squadrons in America's Boating Club® (a.k.a. United States Power Squadrons®), a national organization of over 23,000 members dedicated to the sport of recreational boating. We support the sport through organized events such as educational classes, fun cruises, and community service projects.
Course Booklet Our educational offerings include an introductory boating course (America's Boating Course®) for the general public and a series of advanced courses on a variety of boating topics (substantially discounted for our members).

We promote boating safety via display booths at local boat shows and on other occasions such as National Safe Boating week. We can also make water-safety presentations at local corporate events.

Bear Island Kerr Lake During the boating season, we try to have at least one coastal cruise per month, and several outings at the local lakes (Jordan, Falls, Kerr, Gaston). Each month includes a membership meeting that may take the form of dinner at a local restaurant, a fish fry, oyster roast, pig-pickin', lakeside picnic, pot luck, and so on.
Unfortunately, during COVID-19 restrictions, many activities have been curtailed.
2017 First Place Winner of the USPS Civic Service Award

Optimist Dinghies 2017 Boat U.S. Civic Service Award ABC-Raleigh is regularly involved in several civic and community service projects. Among these are:
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We are eager to meet anyone that shares our common appreciation of:
  • Learning knowledge and skills for better, safer boating
  • Engaging in friendship and camaraderie
  • Connecting with community by volunteerism
Active members must be at least 18 years of age. There is no age restriction for other family members. Member dues for America's Boating Club of Raleigh are currently
  • Individual: $101.00/year
  • Family: $150.00 (+$1 each person)/year.
This includes membership in our umbrella organization, America's Boating Club® (United States Power Squadrons). An additional, one-time $20.00 fee is required for a new application (either individual or family).

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For more information about joining America's Boating Club of Raleigh, please contact:
Lt/C Connie J. Shay, S